Every day technology gets easier to use and more helpful. Take advantage of innovations that help you age in place easily.

Best Monitoring Systems for Elderly in the Home

Considering a monitoring system for the elderly in the home? We reviewed dozens of senior safety devices. Here are our favorites and why we chose them.

best life alert alternatives

Best Life Alert Alternatives

Best Life Alert Alternatives: Know your options for medical alert systems before you invest.

Guide to Medical Alert Systems

Best Medical Alert Systems for 2022

Compare prices, features, and more with our complete medical alert guide.

Recommended Technology Reviews

The latest technologies can keep you connected and make life a little easier. We’ll walk you through everything you need to get started with the most helpful and up-to-date technology.

Medical Alert Reviews

QMedic Featured image

QMedic Medical Alert System Review

Find out if QMedic’s basic annual medical alert system plan is right for you.

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ResponseNow Medical Alert System Review

Aging In Place conducted a ResponseNow medical alert system review. Here’s why we think the company’s product is worth investigating for your loved one.

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FastHelp Medical Alert System Review

Read our review to determine if FastHelp medical alert is worth considering for you or your loved one.

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ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Review

ResponseLINK’s medical alert system is known for its impressive customer service options. Here’s how it measures up in other aspects.

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Freedom Alert Review | Medical Alert System 2022

Freedom Alert, a top-selling medical alert system in North America, has no monthly subscription. However, you might miss some important features. Read our Freedom Alert review to learn more.

Connect America Review

Read our review of Connect America to find out if the company’s brands are worth your time and money.

Phones and Plans

Jitterbug Phone Review: the Flip2 and Smart3

Jitterbug phones also offer emergency monitoring so users can stay connected and safe.

senior woman on cell phone

Can’t Keep Up With Technology? The Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Technology gets better everyday, it’s hard to keep up with it all especially with cell phones. Read more about the best cell phone option for seniors aging in place.

typing for mobile health

Cellphone Guide for Seniors

Cell phones and technology are rapidly progressing each year, and it can be difficult to keep up. We’ve created this guide about the different options for cellphones that are made for seniors. Read on to learn more.