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ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Review

Last Updated: April 6, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • ResponseLINK offers one of the best call centers in the business, with trained staff on call 24/7.
  • ResponseLINK encourages users to use its services for multiple needs, even if it’s just to ask a question.

ResponseLINK encourages users to contact their call centers for any reason, even if it’s just to ask a question.

One of the biggest concerns many people have about medical alert systems is who will respond to their call in case of an emergency. Will someone just answer to say they’re sending help, or will someone stay on the line until that help arrives? ResponseLINK medical alert system tries to address that concern by staffing its centers with EMT-certified individuals and encouraging users to contact the center any time they feel they need it, not just in emergencies. How does ResponseLINK compare to others among the best medical alert systems? Here’s a closer look.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated system that has internet access and is connected to many apps, ResponseLINK is probably not right for you. The mobile system does not use GPS for its location feature, so it is not always accurate.

In-Home Medical Alert System

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The most basic ResponseLINK medical alert system is its In-Home Medical Alert System. It consists of an emergency button and a base station that requires a landline to use. The button can be used up to 600 feet from the base station. A backup battery can power the base station for up to 24 hours in the event of a power outage. Most notably for an at-home medical alert system, it also offers medication reminders—the base station can be set to beep at specific intervals to remind someone to take their medication.

Fall Detection Medical Alert System

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ResponseLINK’s Fall Detection Medical Alert System comes with the same base station as the In-Home system and works in basically the same way. However, like many of the best medical alert systems with fall detection, it comes with a wearable pendant with built-in sensors that can detect movement that may indicate the person wearing it has fallen. Since seniors are most at risk of harm from falls, this is a valuable feature.

Mobile Alert System

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The Mobile Alert System is the one ResponseLINK product that does not require a landline. Instead, it operates through a Verizon wireless network and can be used outside the home. The whole system is portable and designed to go anywhere. Its battery life is estimated to be 30 days. The system uses 911 location technology to help first responders find the person who called for help, and it has a built-in, two-way communication device.

ResponseLINK’s services are not covered by Medicare Part A or Part B. Medicare Part C—also known as Medicare Advantage—and various private health insurance plans may cover some or all of ResponseLINK’s medical alert system costs.

System Plan Yearly Monthly
In-Home Medical Alert System $19.95 per month $28.95
Fall Detection Medical Alert System $27.95 per month $36.95
Mobile Alert System $36.95 per month $45.95

“I have only had one emergency and used the service. They were quick to respond, call emergency help, give instructions as to code to get in the front door and call my emergency contact. Excellent and fast service.”

Louise M., BestCompany.com

“This company is a senior rip off! Be forewarned if you cancel the service ONE day into a billing cycle they will NOT prorate your payment. What a ridiculous way to make seniors pay for a service they are NOT providing. The service stops when equipment is returned but if that is one day into a new billing cycle you have to pay for the whole month!”

Marie B., BestCompany.com

The least expensive ResponseLINK medical alert system is $19.95 per month, making it one of the lower-cost systems available.

Is ResponseLINK the cheapest medical alert system?

The least expensive ResponseLINK medical alert system is $19.95 per month, making it one of the lower-cost systems available.

How much does the ResponseLINK medical alert system cost?

ResponseLINK’s medical alert system starts at $19.95 per month but can cost as much as $45.95 per month.

Does ResponseLINK have automatic fall detection?

ResponseLINK’s most basic medical alert system does not have fall detection, but its other two plans offer fall detection.

Is the ResponseLINK monitoring center Five Diamond certified?

The ResponseLINK monitoring center is TMA Five Diamond certified and has EMT-trained staff on call 24/7.


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Pricing is accurate as of March 18, 2022.