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Freedom Alert Review | Medical Alert System 2022

Last Updated: April 6, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • Freedom Alert offers two-way voice communication you can use in emergencies. You can reach four contacts, plus 911.
  • The medical alert system stands out from other systems because it doesn’t come with a monthly fee. You’ll only need to pay once for the equipment. 
  • Freedom Alert lacks a monitoring center, which means you’ll need to call your emergency contacts yourself if you experience an emergency or fall.
  • You’ll need to program your emergency contacts into the device on your own.
  • Freedom Alert lacks features like fall detection, GPS location tracking, and a mobile app.

It skips the 24/7 monitoring center and the monthly subscription cost that comes with it. Instead, it gives seniors a long-range “walkie-talkie” to call either 911 or four programmable contacts in an emergency.

Freedom Alert stands out from the best medical alert systems we’ve tested. Its website describes it as “the world’s first 2-way emergency pendant communicator.” It skips the 24/7 monitoring center and the monthly subscription cost that comes with it. Instead, it gives seniors a long-range “walkie-talkie” to call either 911 or four programmable contacts in an emergency.

You won’t be able to choose which contact you want to call. Instead, the pendant will cycle through each contact until someone picks up. Once they do, you’ll be able to speak with them and hear their voice through the pendant.

Freedom Alert offers three separate add-on accessories you can buy. You can also purchase replacement batteries for $19.95 each.

Since Freedom Alert lacks features like fall detection, people who need a medical alert device that automatically calls 911 should look elsewhere.

“For our purposes this system is perfect. Allows my mother to contact me directly, at which time I can contact 911 and give them the information (address, house code, etc.) My mom is 95 and would likely get confused or not remember our address if she had to call 911 herself.”


“I think direct calling of choice of relative, friend or 911 is much better than calling a monitoring company. If no answer to first contact, it automatically calls second contact or 911. Easy to program. Friends with other system were left laying on the ground for hours waiting for responder. This is no fail.”



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Who makes Freedom Alert?

LogicMark makes Freedom Alert medical alert systems. The company was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. 

How does LogicMark work?

LogicMark’s Freedom Alert systems allow two-way emergency communication. The Freedom Alert base unit connects to a landline through a telephone jack. A small two-way voice pendant pairs wirelessly with the base unit from up to 600 feet.

In an emergency, you can press the button on the pendant to dial 911 or your pre-programmed contacts. The pendant will keep dialing until someone picks up. You can then use the pendant to communicate with them.

Does Freedom Alert work with cell phones?

Freedom Alert does not work with cell phones. Only a landline option is available. But you can use a cell phone to remotely program emergency contacts into the Freedom Alert unit.

How do I set up Freedom Alert?

Freedom Alert has a simple plug-and-play setup. All you have to do is connect the base unit to a power supply and a landline telephone cord. You can also connect a separate home phone into a second landline jack. After that, you’ll follow instructions to program your contacts into Freedom Alert.

Can more than one person use the Freedom Alert system?

Yes. Freedom Alert allows up to four devices to pair to one base system.

Pricing is accurate as of March 16, 2022.