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WellBe HandsFree Health Review

Last Updated: April 20, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • HandsFree Health offers two medical alert system devices: the Smart Speaker and the Smartwatch.
  • Both the Smart Speaker and the Smartwatch come with helpful medical features, like medication reminders, caregiver updates, answers to health questions and more.
  • WellBe devices connect to a TMA Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center. However, the Smart Speaker can only do so by pressing a red button on its head, while the Smartwatch can connect anytime.

HandsFree Health provides two medical alert system devices in its WellBe line that look like they came straight from Amazon or Apple.

Medically reviewed by Jenny Sanford,  MSN, APRN, AGNP-C and Caregiving Coach

Today, Even the best medical alert systems don’t always boast modern, high-tech designs. This is not the case with HandsFree Health, as the company provides two medical alert system devices in its WellBe line that look like they came straight from Amazon or Apple.

The WellBe Smart Speaker launched in July 2020, and the Smartwatch followed in October. The company earned attention from the medical alert industry after winning PM360 Magazine’s Most Innovative Product award in December 2021.

But is WellBe the right medical alert system for you? We’ll walk you through the pros and cons, costs, comparisons to other systems and more.

WellBe Smart Speaker

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The WellBe Smart Speaker is your health assistant. Much like Amazon’s Alexa and other smart home devices, WellBe’s speaker requires Wi-Fi to use and responds whenever you say the words, “OK, WellBe.” The speaker has a nice range of about 20 feet, so you’ll be able to use the speaker from across the room.

WellBe’s Smart Speaker allows you to contact a loved one using only your voice. If you want to contact the emergency monitoring center, however, you’ll have to press a red button on top of the speaker or say, OK, WellBe, emergency.

The speaker also offers helpful medical information whenever you or a loved one need it. You can customize medication reminders and alerts through the Virtual Assistant app for iPhone and Android.

The speaker connects to the app and allows up to six family members to receive updates. You can also listen to music, audiobooks, or news updates through the speaker.

WellBe Smartwatch

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One of the most high-tech medical alert devices we’ve tested, the WellBe watch uses T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. The Virtual Assistant is built into the Smartwatch, so you don’t need to use your mobile device for setup. The watch has a built-in heart rate monitor, pedometer to track your steps, GPS-location technology and two-way communication to the monitoring center in case of an emergency.

The watch has a sleek design that’s water-resistant and doesn’t feel heavy. You can hold non-emergency calls through the watch, use voice commands, listen to music through iHeartRadio and Spotify, get news and weather reports, and more. The watch will also remind you about doctor visits, medications, medical cost estimates, COVID-19 updates, and even keep track of your pet’s health info.

WellBe Medical Alert Plus

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HandsFree Health offers a bundled plan with both the Smart Speaker and Smartwatch. The bundle comes with charging cables for both devices, screen protectors, manuals and instruction guides.