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Updated for May, 2022

Safe Step Walk-In Tub Review

Safe Step offers high quality walk-in tubs and showers at a higher price point than many of its competitors. They offer a solid lifetime warranty, however, and have also racked up a consistent record of customer satisfaction with their product, their installation services, and their customer service in general.

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Our Verdict

Many more widely known companies have entered the walk-in tub market, but Safe Step specializes in bathing equipment for those with limited mobility or concerns about falling, and it shows. Safe Step’s walk-in tubs offer almost everything that a consumer might want in accessible bathing, both in terms of safety features and the therapeutic extras that make bathing so attractive for those with debilitating conditions. And while their tub and their shower/tub hybrid may seem a little pricey, they’re best compared with other high-end tubs, and they come with a lifetime warranty on everything, including the tub itself, parts, and labor, making them a great value among fully-featured walk-in tubs.

Top Walk-In Tubs by Safe Step

“After my mother’s fall we purchased a tub through this company. They were great to work with and she loves it!”

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“Safe step is a great company and has a great lifetime warranty. My tub has been a big Help for me I was injured in a car wreak and when I returned home I was able to just step into my tub.”

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At a Glance

A checklist of standard walk-in tub features.
Safe Step Walk-In Tub Hybrid Tub Walk-In Shower
Our rating 4.3 4.3 4.4
Price* Starting at $9000 Starting at $9000 Starting at $4000
Low entry threshold
Push button controls
Built-in safety bar
Textured bath surfaces
Wheelchair accessible Optional
*Price can vary by supplier, and special deals are often available. Contact a supplier or installer for a personalized quote.

Word on the Street

People seem to like Safe Step: online reviews are largely positive, and customers expressed happiness with the features provided and many commented that the tubs themselves were excellent at helping relieve minor aches and pains.

Safe Step’s customer support staff also got a lot of praise for every part of the process, from their free in-home consultation to their free installation. The installation teams were mentioned in particular: people were surprised by how clean the installers left their job site and how quickly they were able to get the job done.

“Safe Step sent a representative to our house that told us all about their product. Their installers were nice and we liked them. Everything went smoothly. I like the hydrating bubbles of the tub. I’m glad Safe Step is out there and I would recommend them.”

via consumeraffairs.com

“I did a bunch of internet searches to check on walk-in tubs and Safe Step struck me as a better company. They have a much better warranty on everything . . . The installation was quick. I thought it was gonna take a long time, but it only took them a day to get it done. I’ve had the walk-in tub for about two months now and my husband loves it for his legs because he’s disabled. The bubbles that help the circulation have really helped his legs. He has been more able to get around a little easier since using the Safe Step.”

Jacksonville, NC (via consumeraffairs.com)

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