A medical alert system provides extra security for people with pacemakers and may even save your or your loved one’s life. If a pacemaker issue arises, you can use the medical alert system to be connected to help instantly.

In the modern age, there have been many amazing advancements in medical technology that enable senior safety. One of the most lifesaving of these inventions is the pacemaker. Pacemakers can give patients diagnosed with certain heart problems the ability to live more normal lives.

The team of experts at Aging In Place highly recommends a medical alert system as an extra layer of security for people with pacemakers.

Help is only a single push of a button away, no matter where you are.

Medical alert systems provide confidence and peace of mind to many seniors, including those with heart conditions. These systems can give you the safety net you or your loved one needs to live a more fulfilling life at home or when you’re on the go. If you have a pacemaker and are considering a medical alert system, weigh the many benefits of one when determining if you will invest in this option.

Help is only a single push of a button away, no matter where you are.

Do I need a medical alert bracelet for a pacemaker?

We highly recommend getting a medical alert bracelet because of the extra reassurance it provides. You’ll want to be prepared if there’s an emergency with your pacemaker.

Can you wear a medical alert device with a pacemaker?

You can, but be wary of gyroscopes and other harmful signals that can affect your pacemaker. If you aren’t sure what signals will affect your pacemaker, reach out to your doctor or the pacemaker manufacturer to learn more.

Can I wear a hearing aid with a pacemaker?

You can, as hearing aids don’t interfere with your pacemaker. However, for extra safety, store your hearing aids in any pocket that isn’t your breast pocket.

What are the benefits of using a medical alert system next to a pacemaker?

If your pacemaker is damaged or experiences battery failure, a medical alert system can instantly connect you to emergency services and your loved ones.

Are medical alert systems covered by Medicare?

Speak to your provider to find out if your Medicare plan covers medical alert systems. *NOTE: Only Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage.

*Pricing is accurate as of April 14, 2022.