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Medical Guardian vs. Medical Care Alert

If you’re planning to live at home as you age, you may be wondering how to stay safe while you do so.

A medical alert system can provide the assurance and peace of mind to make you feel safer living at home. If you need emergency help, simply press the button to be connected to a monitoring center employee, who can get you the help you need.

Some devices even include fall detection, which automatically sends a signal if it detects a fall.

However, with so many choices on the market today, it can be tough to separate the good brands from the bad. So which brand is the winner? We’ve put together this article to compare Medical Guardian versus Medical Care Alert and make it easier for you to make your purchase decision.

Classic Guardian

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Classic Guardian is an in-home system for those with a landline connection, which is ideal for areas without a reliable cellular network connection. It offers a range of 1,300 feet and includes access to the MyGuardian caregiver app.

Home 2.0 is a home system that offers a range of 1,400 feet. It also includes a necklace or wristband help button and works with LTE and Wi-Fi. It also provides access to the MyGuardian caregiver tool.

MGMove Smartwatch

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MGMove Smartwatch is a smart wristwatch designed for active seniors that allows them to stay connected to loved ones and also be able to connect with a certified monitoring center in case of emergency.

Mobile 2.0

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Mobile 2.0: This plan includes a clip-on device and a wearable pendant or bracelet button. It has a five-day battery life and a water-resistant design. It also includes advanced location monitoring and access to MyGuardian, a handy tool for caregivers.

Mini Guardian

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Mini Guardian is a lightweight, compact pendant device with a single easy-to-use button and advanced location tracking. It has a five-day battery life and a water-resistant design.

Home Landline

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Home Landline: The home landline system includes a base station and shower-safe button with a range of up to 1,000 feet. You can choose between a wrist or pendant button-style.

Home (4G LTE)

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Home (4G LTE): Medical Care Alert offers this in-home system with a 4G LTE connection for those without a landline.

Home & Away

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Home & Away: This system includes a shower-safe GPS pendant that offers two-way communication. It also provides notifications to caregivers via a free smartphone app called RemoteCare 24/7.

“Fortunately, we never actually had an emergency so I can not review the actual service.
However, returning the equipment is a nightmare, as one other reviewer has stated. This company preys on the elderly who have fixed incomes and need this service.
My dad was in the hospital and moved to a nursing home. He did not need the service anymore. He had not even used the equipment in months. I am surprised and disappointed that the company did not notice the equipment was not being used. I was never alerted. But when the year was up, we were automatically charged $500.
When we called to cancel the service, the day after we were charged, I was given a case number and I was instructed to return the equipment. I was told the account was canceled and that the charge would be prorated. I was also told that a portion of the money would be returned once we returned the equipment.
We followed all the return instructions and tracked the package until it was scanned at the return address. Medical Guardian insists they did not receive the package and will not return any money and they have not canceled our account.
We have called several times to follow up and every time we talk to someone we get a different answer. Unfortunately, the tracking number and receipt were discarded after we saw the package arrived. At this point, Medical Guardian is not canceling our account and they are not returning any money.
This company is awful! Do not invest.”

Durso, Trustpilot

“I had read mixed reviews of this company, so I was somewhat skeptical. I had an extensive spinal fusion in May of this year and was looking for a system as I live alone. From the first call, they were very courteous and professional. They explained the pricing structure very clearly, and all of the equipment arrived promptly and was easy to set up. I ended up doing several false alarms as I accidentally hit a wall button or my locket, but they were always polite about it & just promptly reset the main unit. I would like to mention 2 outstanding customer support individuals: Katrina in the cancellation department. My friend was going to cancel me as she was paying less than I was. However, Katrina explained the reason and then credited me for a much more expensive unit that I really didn’t need and gave me the same pricing deal that my friend had. This covered a base unit, a wrist monitor, a locket monitor, and 2 wall buttons. She was extremely helpful and honest. Jamil in the cancellation department. I was walking well & without my back brace around my home, so I called to return my equipment. I had been somewhat anxious about that as I still have to go through PT for my recovery as well as experiencing a knee that needs to be replaced and is not providing good support for walking. Jamil explained that I could have 2 free months to see how the PT was going to help and exactly when I would start being rebilled again. I appreciated his explaining that option which buys me another 2 months of support but I know when I need to cancel should I continue to do well. I trust this company as they have always been transparent and upfront about the cost and what services would be provided on that plan.”

Jaydine Munsey, Trustpilot

“My siblings and I bought the Alert system for our mother for our own peace of mind. My mother is very conservative and would never have purchased it for herself even though she lives alone. I tested it myself in and around the house when we got it and was very pleased in its coverage. Medical Alert regularly check to see it is operational and recently replaced the entire system because they were not satisfied with its performance. We did not detect any problems at all. The system does what we wanted in that we know our mother will be able to get any needed assistance should she need it by pushing a button on her necklace.”

Laning, Trustpilot

“They’re very nice and helpful. This is all new to me and walked me through step by step to explain everything. I can always get a hold of someone, very nice and easy to deal with.”

Kim, Trustpilot

What cellular services does Medical Guardian use?

Medical Guardian has a partnership with AT&T.

How much is Medical Guardian a month?

Medical Guardian plans start at $27.45 per month. Many features come with an extra cost.

How much is Medical Care Alert a month?

The in-home system starts at $29.95 per month, and the mobile system starts at $39.95 per month.

Do you need a landline for Medical Guardian?

Medical Guardian offers options for people with and without a landline.

Is Medical Guardian waterproof?

Medical Guardian buttons are water-resistant.

*Pricing is accurate as of April 15, 2022.