Waterproof medical alert systems are devices that can still call for help even if submerged in water. Because most falls and accidents in the home happen in the bathroom, these devices are perfect for the extra reassurance they offer to those concerned with bathing safely.

Byline: Kalise Gartner

If you’re shopping for a medical alert system, have you considered a waterproof option? Waterproof medical alert devices can connect to an in-home or mobile system the same way a regular medical device does but offers the added benefit of being able to withstand water. Waterproof devices are an ideal option due to the fact that a large majority of accidents in the home happen in the bathtub or shower.

If you are considering a waterproof medical alert system, take stock of your lifestyle and what will work best for you.

Life Alert In-Home System + Help Button

Life Alert

Life Alert was not selected mainly because of pricing. Many affordable options are available when looking for a waterproof medical alert system, and Life Alert is always far above the average price tags, without any real justification for the uptick in cost. Furthermore, the website contains little information about its plans and features. 

To get adequate plan information, you have to call the Life Alert helpline. Only then would you learn their plan prices exceed $49 a month with additional costs for wall buttons. The company also sells its plans through contracts, which you would have to commit to before receiving service.


Lively is a popular pick for waterproof medical alert systems, but it didn’t make our list due to upfront costs and poor performance reviews regarding its customer service. The device does come with extra features, like games and access to 24/7 nursing, but has upfront costs, such as a $49.95 fee for equipment and a $35 activation fee. Also worth noting, the 30-day money-back guarantee has a $10 restocking fee, which means that you don’t technically get all your money back if you choose this plan and decide against it later. Lively’s waterproof medical alert devices are also missing other features, such as two-way talking. Of further concern, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) lists many poor customer service reviews from users who needed emergency help.


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Does Medicare cover waterproof medical alert systems?

You will need to contact your Medicare provider to see if your plan covers medical alert systems.

How are waterproof medical alert devices different from in-home ones?

Waterproof medical alert devices can be in-home or mobile. “In-home” means a base unit is installed in your house with a maximum range of distance your device can be away from it and still be able to call for help.

How much do waterproof medical alerts cost?

Waterproof medical alert devices costs vary, depending on the plan and provider.

Where do I get a waterproof medical alert?

Check the website for the medical alert device you want to buy for purchase plans. If you’re unable to do so, contact your caretaker, family member, or doctor for help.

What’s the best waterproof medical alert?

Many waterproof medical alerts are available on the market today, each fitting different needs. The best waterproof medical alert is the one that works for your unique needs and lifestyle.

*Pricing accurate as of April 13, 2022.