Can You Get Free Medical Alert Systems?

Key Takeaways

  • Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of medical alert systems. Medicaid may offer coverage for medical alert systems, but coverage varies from state to state.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans may cover the cost of medical alert systems, but it’s unlikely. 
  • Other options for free or low-cost medical alert systems include Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits, local hospitals or medical providers, local non-profits and senior assistance agencies.
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People assume that the devices are automatically covered because medical alert systems are medically-adjacent. However, original Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of these systems.

Overview Coverage for medical alert systems?
Part A Hospitalization insurance No
Part B Medical insurance No
Part C or Medicare Advantage Bundled plans offered by Medicare-approved private providers. They include Part A, Part B, and often Part D coverage. Some plans also provide additional coverage for things like vision, dental, etc. Possibly, but unlikely
Part D Prescription drug coverage No
Medigap Medicare supplement insurance is offered by private insurance companies to supplement original Medicare coverage. You cannot have both a Medicare Advantage and Medigap plan. No

It may be difficult for some people to secure coverage for medical alert systems, but if you’re a qualifying veteran, you’re eligible for free devices through the VA.

Are any medical alert systems covered by Medicare?

Original Medicare doesn’t cover medical alert systems. In some rare situations, you may have coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan.

What is the cheapest medical alert system?

Bay Alarm Medical is our top pick for the most affordable medical alert system.

Does Medicare pay for Life Alert for seniors?

No. Medicare doesn’t cover medical alert systems. This is due to the fact that the systems aren’t considered as being durable medical equipment.

Does AARP cover medical alert systems?

No. AARP doesn’t offer coverage for medical alert systems, but it does sometimes provide discounts to members.

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