The chain sells a wide range of hearing aid brands to combat hearing loss. Walmart hearing aids can be purchased easily and at a low price.

By Sara Lindberg, M.Ed

Walmart and other big-box retailers in the United States are well-known for offering a wide selection of health-related products at a lower price. But did you know you can also purchase hearing aids at Walmart?

The chain sells a wide range of hearing aid brands to combat hearing loss. Walmart hearing aids can be purchased easily and at a low price. However, you might end up paying more for what you get.

Walmart hearing aids don’t come with the ongoing care needed for your hearing health. This care includes:

  • A hearing test
  • Expert recommendations
  • Programming and custom fitting per person
  • Customer care after purchasing a hearing aid

Aging In Place editors reviewed the pros and cons associated with Walmart hearing aids. They also looked at the prices and read customer reviews. This important information is what you need to know before purchasing hearing aids from Walmart.

Before we get into the various models of Walmart hearing aids, don’t forget that Walmart also sells personal audio amplification products (PSAPs).

  • $599/pair
  • Hearing aid rests in the ear canal
  • Rechargeable hearing aid batteries
  • Noise reduction
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Two directional microphones
  • Advanced feedback cancellation technology
  • Four sound quality settings
  • FDA-registered
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • You will receive a 90-day warranty covering defects in material and quality
  • $498/pair
  • Hearing aid worn behind the outer ear
  • Adjustable volume controls and four-channel programming
  • Background noise reduction and suppression of feedback
  • FDA-registered
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • $998/pair
  • Hearing aid worn behind the outer ear
  • Three listening programs
  • Advanced feedback canceller
  • Can cancel background noise
  • FDA-registered
  • Water resistance
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • $499/pair
  • Hearing aid worn behind the outer ear
  • Four natural sound environments and memory settings that can be programmed
  • FDA-registered
  • Onboard noise cancellation
  • Feedback reduction
  • Accommodates mild hearing loss, moderate hearing loss, and severe hearing loss.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Manufacturer warranty for six months
  • $389/pair
  • Hearing aid worn behind the outer ear
  • Rechargeable hearing aid batteries
  • Two environmental optimization settings
  • Advanced feedback cancellation technology
  • 12 digital volume levels
  • FDA-registered
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

Contact your insurance company before you purchase a hearing aid to find out more about your Medicare coverage or your private insurance through your employer.

Is Walmart selling hearing aids in its stores?

You might call your local Walmart to find out if the local branch near you sells hearing aids. The selection can be limited, and it will often vary from one location to the next. The majority of Walmart hearing aids can only be purchased online.

What is the cost of hearing aids at Walmart?

Walmart hearing aids are usually lower in price than direct-to-consumer sites or hearing centers. Normal hearing aids are generally priced between $499-$1,800 per pair (both right and left). There will be medical devices that look similar to hearing aids, but they are much less expensive than FDA-registered hearing instruments. If you find a device that costs less than $100, it is likely a hearing amplifier. It will help to look for FDA-registered labeling on hearing aids.

Are Walmart hearing aids worth it?

Walmart doesn’t make its hearing aids. Instead, the company sells legitimate hearing aids made by companies such as MDHearingAid and EarCentric. Each company has its pros, so deciding whether hearing aids from Walmart work for you depends on your hearing goals, your personal information, and your preferences.

However, hearing aids purchased at Walmart may limit your ability to connect with audiologists, as you’ll need to choose the right hearing aid for you, adjust it to your ears, and program it yourself. If having to do so much yourself seems difficult, you may have a better experience buying a hearing aid with aftercare.

Which is the most affordable hearing aid?

It is important to find the most affordable hearing aid if you need to combat hearing loss but are on a tight budget. While Walmart might offer lower prices, you could miss out on the support and customer service you get when purchasing hearing aids through companies in the hearing aid industry, like Eargo.

Cost is the number one priority. Direct-to-consumer companies. such as MDHearingAid, offer affordable hearing aids online. See our top choices for the most affordable hearing aids in 2022.

Does Walmart stock FDA-registered hearing aids?

Yes, some of Walmart’s hearing aids are registered by the FDA. The FDA-registered label is usually found in the title of the hearing instrument. You can also look in the About sections on the product’s website. Walmart stocks the following FDA-registered hearing aids:

  • MDHearingAid
  • Hearing Assist
  • RxEars
  • EarCentric
Does Walmart have hearing amplifiers and unique sound amplifying products (PSAPs)?

Personal sound amplifier products (PSAPs) amplify sound. PSAPs are not marketed as hearing aids, but they can still help with hearing loss. Sound amplifiers are also significantly cheaper than hearing aids and can be purchased for as low as $35-$100. Walmart stocks the following PSAP brands:

  • MiNi digital invisible
  • MEDca digital listening amplifier
  • Clearon digital amplifier
  • R&L hearing aid amplifier
Are over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids effective?

OTC hearing aids can be used for mild hearing loss to moderate hearing loss. However, you’ll miss the personalized care and hearing exam you would receive at an audiologist’s office or in a hearing center if you purchase hearing aids from a retailer like Walmart or Costco. This can reduce customer satisfaction and possibly decrease the effectiveness of the hearing aid. An over-the-counter hearing device can be very effective if you don’t need much care or know exactly what you require.

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